Vardastudio is located in Paphos and was established by Andreas Vardas in1997. Andreas Vardas graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, in 1993 and gained his working experience in London. He is a member of the RIBA, as well as ETEK. The studio’s work includes a number of individual houses, housing development as well as public buildings and a healthy number of competitions. The practice has earned many awards in competitions as well as the Republic of Cyprus President’s award. It has also represented Cyprus in the European Mies Van Der Rohe award.

Vardastudio team consists of

  • Head architect Andreas Vardas BA(Hons) (Birm) DipArch(UCL) member of R.I.B.A.
  • Interior designers Laura Papastylianou BA(Hons) and Elena Mihaola BA MA
  • Associate architect Birute Kriukelyte-Kazlauskiene BA


The studio’s design agenda is focused on two points: a clear architectural response to the site and the client’s brief, and simplicity in form.

Each project is tackled in a unique way, and becomes a direct response to its environmental conditions, an integral part of the landscape. Built and natural environment must interact as closely as possible to provide the best spatial experience to the end user.

The built form is simple and functional, with different functional elements expressed and accentuated. Detailing is kept simple and beautiful. Ornamentation has no place in the design process. Instead, materials are used in imaginative ways to provide texture and atmosphere.

The entire design and building process is as much about providing an exciting and pleasing spatial experience, as it is about providing quality functional spaces and accommodation.


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